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Hello & Welcome

This is code square engineering labs

Software Lab

We develop individual software solutions with the most modern technologies in our Software Lab. Our agile development environment and tools give our customers the ability to have their features right from the first day.

Web Lab

The Web LAB is the place where our professional team builds user friendly websites, online shops, mobile and wearable apps, that represents your ideas or companies. We transform excellent ideas into amazing web or mobile applications.


In our SEO LAB, we use special methods to boost Website rankings on search engines like Google. Daily reports upon user behaviour to websites are generated to help our customers track success.

Design Lab

In our Design LAB, we create business images for our customers for higher recognition in the marketplace. Our professional designers provide best corporate design solutions, which stands out from other competitors.

Let's talk about the features of your app or website

We put our experience and attention in detail in each of our projects.

Your return of investment

Your success is our goal

1. Research

After we talk about your idea, our experienced business analyst starts marketing research to find the best solution in one of our LAB for you.

2. Pricing

As a next step, we introduce you to our scalable pricing model and timeline. That means you decide about the costs of the project.

3. Development

This is our favorite step! We start to develop your idea, using the most modern tools and technologies and deliver the first feature on first day.

4. Profit

In the last step, we put your app or website into production. While the first visitors check your product, you will start to profit from your investment.

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